Pro Ject 2XPERIENCE SB (2M-Silver) Pikap Project 2XPERIENCE SB (2M-Silver)

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Pro-Ject 2XPERIENCE SB (2M-Silver) Pikap Project 2XPERIENCE SB (2M-Silver)

Manual turntable. Optional with cartridge Ortofon 2M Silver • Full carbon 9“ tonearm with spinoff EVO technology • EVO gimbal design • EVO counterweight with arm resonance damping device • Belt drive design • Electronic speed control with 33/45 rpm speed change, which acts as “Speed Box” with ultimate speed stability • MDF base • Height-adjustable Sorbothane®-damped aluminium cones Motor decoupling reduces vibration • Resonance-optimised 2kg MDF/vinyl sandwich platter • Screw-down metal record clamp • Low-tolerance chrome-plated stainless-steel axle running on Teflon bearing plate in sintered bronze bearing housing • Gold plated phono sockets and earth screw • Standard cable is provided • Dimen-sions 460 x 160 x 360mm (WHD lid closed