NAD 558 Premium Pikap

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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver CO, October 5, 2017– NAD Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home audio and video products, introduced the C 558 Turntable for the resurgent vinyl market. The C 558 is a full-featured, belt-driven model targeted for the record enthusiast who is looking for exceptional value. Pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge, the C 558 is $499 U.S. MSRP and will be shipping in November 2017. As with all NAD products, the C 558 turntable prioritizes the engineering investment where it provides the maximum ROI for the consumer. For example, the turntable features a Belt drive (playing 33 and 45) for maximum noise isolation, a precision AC motor with isolated AC power supply with universal voltage. Also, important features include a glass platter with felt pad, a MDF plinth (base) and a low resonance dust cover. For extra value, the C 558 is pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge in a 9” tonearm that offers vertical tracking angle and azimuth adjustment. The phono leads are detachable with a separate ground and a high quality stereo RCA cable is included.