Yamaha NS AW 392 İç&Dış Mekan Hoparlörü

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Yamaha NS AW 392 Ic&Diş Mekan Hoparloru Outdoor speaker systems that combine quality and durability, and provide a wide variety of installation options. Yamaha s advanced speaker technology makes it possible to combine high sound quality with long-term durability Unique angled cabinet design blends in with external and interior décors Two-way acoustic suspension design High-grade weatherproof cabinets with special processing for drip, water and UV resistance Precise sound imaging supported by time-aligned woofer and tweeter placement Flexible installation options with supplied mounting brackets Weather resistant 5-way binding post speaker terminals Powder-coated aluminum speaker grilles Supplied rubber feet for desktop/bookshelf placement Wide range of applications for home theaters, small commercial spaces and public buildings

Yamaha NS AW 392 Ic&Diş Mekan Hoparloru Indoor / Outdoor Hoparlor • 40 / 120 Watt 6 Ohm • 13 cm Hoparlor • 1,9 cm Dome Tweeter • 60 Hz–25 kHz • 86dB • Aluminyum Panel • Waterproof • 170 x 273 x 136 mm • 1,8 Kg / Hoparlor Ses Sertifikasi Dolby True HD / Dolby Digital Plus Watt Araliği 0 - 300 Watt 120